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I had an anxiety attack while out at Kmart today and when I told my net kids, paradroidsmainframe drew me this and I just…



Dolce & Gabbana Window Pump

My dream shoes.

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What are the signs of emotional abuse?









Abusive Expectations - Makes impossible demands, requires constant attention, and constantly criticizes.

Aggressing - Name calling, accusing, blames, threatens or gives orders, and often disguised as a judgmental “I know best” or “helping” attitude.

Constant Chaos - Deliberately starts arguments with you or others. May treat you well in front of others, but changes when you’re alone.

Rejecting - Refusing to acknowledge a person’s value, worth or presence. Communicating that he or she is useless or inferior or devaluing his or her thoughts and feelings.

Denying - Denies personal needs (especially when need is greatest) with the intent of causing hurt or as punishment. Uses silent treatment as punishment. Denies certain events happened or things that were said. Denies your perceptions, memory and sanity by disallowing any viewpoints other than their own which causes self-doubt, confusion, and loss of self-esteem.

Degrading - Any behavior that diminishes the identity, worth or dignity of the person such as: name-calling, mocking, teasing, insulting, ridiculing,

Emotional Blackmail - Uses guilt, compassion, or fear to get what he or she wants.

Terrorizing - Inducing intense fear or terror in a person, by threats or coercion.

Invalidation - Attempts to distort your perception of the world by refusing to acknowledge your personal reality. Says that your emotions and perceptions aren’t real and shouldn’t be trusted.

Isolating - Reducing or restricting freedom and normal contact with others.

Corrupting - Convincing a person to accept and engage in illegal activities.

Exploiting - Using a person for advantage or profit.

Minimizing - A less extreme form of denial that trivializes something you’ve expressed as unimportant or inconsequential.

Unpredictable Responses - Gets angry and upset in a situation that would normally not warrant a response. You walk around on eggshells to avoid any unnecessary drama over innocent comments you make. Drastic mood swings and outbursts.

Gaslighting -A form of psychological abuse involving the manipulation of situations or events that cause a person to be confused or to doubt his perceptions and memories. Gaslighting causes victims to constantly second-guess themselves and wonder if they’re losing their minds.

Love, Salem

The last one is a killer and very important.

this is extremely important tw #abuse

Always reblob.

No longer walking on eggshells and being able to be completely me has been an amazing transition in my life.

It wasn’t until I went to therapy years ago that I realized I had been abused in this manner. It feels great to love myself again!

Oh wow. That just described my father perfectly. Yeah, he was scum.

I kept skimming after the third or forth one because it’s easier for me to lie to myself than to admit my mom acts like this.


Someone heard you wanted feels…

Music reference: the lullaby


I have been taking chemistry classes for the past few years, and I can tell you only one thing that Disney got wrong.


Put your hair up.


Put your hair up.







I <3 the strut



okay so apparently some people are having trouble seeing that last picture so i tried this again

Frigging hell, this is genius.




people think im book smart but im just 99% bullshit and 1% dinosaur trivia

Then tell a dinosaur fact

i know that they are 100% FUCKIGN RAD




Two brides have become two of the most kickass women in the world by marrying to protest against homophobia in Russia.

Alina Davis, a 23-year-old trans woman, and Allison Brooks, her 19-year-old partner, donned matching white floor-length bridal gowns and married at a civil registry office earlier this month.

As Davis is still legally regarded as male, the office had no choice but to hand them a marriage certificate.

The couple said officials chided them, and appeared to be violent.

‘She called us the shame of the family and said we need medical treatment … I was afraid my pussycat [an affectionate pet name in Russian] would beat the fuck out of her,’ Davis said on her VK page.

But the couple were allowed to sign the papers, meaning a gay couple in Russia are legally recognized as married – even if it’s through a loophole.
‘This is an important precedent for Russia,’ Davis said.

Russia banned same-sex marriage and outlawed ‘gay propaganda’ in 2013.

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holy jesus look at these two warrior princesses

they are my heroes


I’ve seen this going around a lot and I hate to be the one to point this out again but Alina is not a trans woman, she is androgyne, this post is migendering and erasive and needs to be modified.

Anonymous asked:

What is 'M!A' ?

((M!A stands for Magic!Anon. It’s where someone will go on Anonymous and send me/Olivia a prompt that will affect Olivia and how I portray her for a set amount of time. Example:

Anonymous: “M!A: Olivia eats a strange mushroom and is hallucinating for the next hour!”

Mun: “((Ooooh, I like that one! Okay, so it shall be!))”

Olivia: “Whoa… W-wait, why did that cloud talk…?”

And the M!A affects all of Olivia’s new interactions (it doesn’t have an affect on RPs that were started or planned before the M!A became active) and continues until the time is up!

I hope this helped; I didn’t know what M!As were when I started my Tumblr and had to ask one of my friends ^^;;; ))

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The Shyest Dancer

M-my name is Olivia, and I love to dance! Just please don't look at me when I'm p-practicing my dances! Feel free to talk to me, though! || M!A: None || ENDS: N/A ||